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"I would like to tell you that GlowCode is the only tool that we found able to handle large unmanaged processes directly at our test systems. Therefore, it is very valuable for our work."

Dr. Stephan Churt
Siemens AG
Healthcare Sector

"GlowCode is an amazing product. GlowCode removes all of the endless hours of guesswork -- and just tells you where the performance bottlenecks really are. We test all of our code using GlowCode!"

Daniel Esbensen
Director of Advanced Research
Touch Technologies, Inc.

"GlowCode - instrumented call-graph profiler ... a lot faster than typical - so it runs in near real time. If you want call chain information on Windows, this may be the way to go."

Second Life® Wiki

"GlowCode is an excellent tool for profiling and understanding your code and detecting memory leaks. I was able to get meaningful, detailed, and easily understandable results in minutes the first time I used it..."

Brian Noyes, MSCD
Visual Studio Magazine Review

"We've been using Purify and BoundsChecker as well as conventional debugging techniques under Enterprise MSVC for years. I found GlowCode accidentally during a web search for assistance in configuring MSVC's profiler. I'm glad I did! I have found no tool that is as convenient and effective as GlowCode. Kudos to the designers and engineers of this product! Within less than one day of using it, it has already more than paid for itself!"

Eric Stark


The Mathworks
Hewlett Packard
Analytical Graphics
National Instruments
General Dynamics
Statistics Canada

"I was able to quickly get GlowCode to work on my application, which is comprised of over 50 delay-loaded .dlls, and find the exact location of a recurring performance problem. Neither of the evaluation trials from Compuware (DevPartner Studio) and Intel (VTune) were of any use to me as they only ever crashed during program startup."

Brian Kretzler
Software Architect
Austin Texas

"GlowCode is a truly impressive toolkit that rivals any competitor I've used. With its small footprint, ease of implementation, and highly intuitive user interface, GlowCode is an incredibly powerful application. I've used it to help benchmark performance, identify and eliminate memory and resource leaks, verify code coverage and generally optimize the commercial software my team develops. I've used many of the single purpose "heavy hitters" in the Windows arena, but GlowCode offers more functionality in a smaller, far less intrusive package that is simple to incorporate into the software.

"My current project ... uses 95,000 lines of code, and a team of about 10 members. As a team leader, I have a responsiblity to make sure my team develops clean, efficient code. As a developer, I know how easy it is to take shortcuts in development and testing. GlowCode allows me to quickly identify problem areas in the code before it goes to production and point out specific functions to the development team and help them improve their development skills while improving the quality of the project."

Stan Griffin
Project Leader
San Ramon, CA

GlowCode delivers a wealth of impressive and incredibly useful information. Using Glowcode's Profiler on ED4W V4 we were able to quickly pinpoint a number of areas where performance was lacking and could easily be improved. We'd also been trying to find a resource leak for some time with other tools without success, but Glowcode identified the problem area straight away.... Glowcode's impressive diagnostic capabilties may prove to be a lifesaver.

Soft As It Gets
developer of ED for Windows

"I think GlowCode has a particularly sweet profiler. I like its unobtrusiveness, and its ability to profile only a piece of the code, without all the noise from the rest of the app.

"Every leak GlowCode has found has turned out to be genuine, and I've tracked down about a dozen (different code leaks, corresponding to between hundreds and thousands of leaked blocks during execution). I still haven't gotten Purify to work, but other people using Purify tell me I know about leaks they don't know about. Specifically, I found two leaks in a co-worker's code: code that he had already used Purify to find leaks in. One of the two, he had already fixed on his machine, and the other was a surprise to him."

Daniel Matejka
Mozilla team member

"Very impressive and useful product, I highly recommend GlowCode to every C++ developer."

Peter Gu
Chief Technical Officer
Triaxia Pty Ltd.

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